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Best European & Import Auto Transmission Service Technicians In Chantilly, VA

While many drivers are diligent about caring for their cars, many of them still don’t understand the complicated system of gears that makes up their vehicle’s transmission. We all know a transmission is very expensive to replace, but there are ways to diagnose and repair them that are far less costly.

The purpose of your vehicle’s transmission system is to transfer power to your car’s engine and control the rate of speed at which your car is able to drive. By converting engine power, your transmission shifts various gears to set your car into motion.

For experts well versed in transmission knowledge and certified repair, take your vehicle to My Dad’s Automotive where we’ll test and fix your car’s transmission without a big replacement overhaul.

My Dad’s Autoshop’s Top of the Line Transmission Services

In order to keep your transmission running smoothly, My Dad’s Autoshop offers high-quality services for your foreign or domestic vehicle. These transmission services include:

  • Drain transmission and torque converter repairs and inspections
  • Refill of your Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) with new fluids
  • Oil and fluid top-offs

With decades of experience, our certified technicians quickly & accurately provide transmission services for all models of:

Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

When your car’s transmission needs to be repaired, it is important to repair it as soon as possible rather than waiting. This will prevent extensive damage that could be done while neglecting a transmission problem. It is also important to know the initial signs that your vehicle’s transmission needs to be replaced or repaired. These signs include:

  • Seeing dirty or cloudy transmission fluid
  • Smelling a burning odor while driving
  • Problems with shifting gears
  • Stuck or grinding gears
  • Strange, whining and squealing noises
  • Visibly leaking transmission fluid when driving or parked

Get Your Transmission Repaired at My Dad’s Automotive

Located in Chantilly, Virginia, My Dad’s Automotive is the leading transmission repair specialist in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas including:

Offering high-quality repairs, ASE certified professional mechanics and technicians, and friendly service, My Dad’s Automotive is proud to service the cars of our community. Call today to get your transmission repaired by our seasoned professionals.

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