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For those who might not know, your car’s clutch is a very important mechanism that is actually related to how your vehicle’s transmission is able to function. Your clutch, unlike your transmission, however, is much easier and less costly to fix.

If you notice that you are having clutch problems in your foreign or domestic vehicle, bring it to My Dad’s Automotive right away to avoid costly future transmission repairs. Our ASE certified specialists will gladly investigate the problem and repair it with our satisfaction guarantee.

Your Vehicle’s Clutch and its Transmission

Your car’s transmission is a complicated system that utilizes your clutch in order to regulate how fast your car is running. Unless you have a newer car that doesn’t use the clutch in order to engage and activate the transmission, your car’s clutch will have a huge impact on the way your transmission runs.

Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, don’t use a clutch. They utilize something called a torque converter instead, which sits between the transmission and engine. This torque converter controls the number of gears when driving newer cars, unlike the older cars where the clutch is responsible for a majority of that work. If you think you have clutch problems in your car but your car is a newer model, your issue might actually be your transmission. To determine the issue, we use the latest factory-grade tools & equipment to service all models of:

Common Clutch and Transmission Services Provided

There are a few different services that we at My Dad’s Automotive provide in order to keep your clutch and transmission in tip-top condition. These services and routine maintenance items include:

  • Draining the transmission
  • Refilling the Automatic Transmission Fluids (AFT)
  • Draining the torque converter
  • Checking the clutch mobility
  • Double-check the vehicle’s cooling fluids

Essential Maintenance Related to Your Clutch

When controlled by your clutch, your transmission supplies power to your car that in turn regulates its gear action. When your vehicle is no longer able to regulate this gear action, heat and friction build-up can result in problems such as difficult shifting, accelerated wear and tear, and even complete transmission failure. Neglecting problems with your car’s clutch is never a good idea. It can lead to a busted transmission or even a total engine rebuild.

Virginia’s Certified Clutch Repair Experts

My Dad’s Automotive is number one in clutch and transmission repair in Northern Virginia and the Chantilly, Virginia area. We are also the go-to shop for drivers in surrounding areas including:

Our knowledgeable ASE experts know how to test and repair your car’s clutch if needed, saving your transmission and gear shifting mechanism unnecessary stress and wear. If you are starting to have clutch problems in your domestic or foreign vehicle, contact us today by phone or schedule an appointment online to have your car seen by an expert.

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