High-Quality Replacement Parts for Import Auto Owners

When it comes time for services or any repairs for your car, you want your mechanic to use the highest quality parts & materials possible. Using the right parts will preserve the performance of your car and with luxury Import vehicles, protecting your investment is key. At My Dad’s Automotive we use the latest OEM parts for all repairs to preserve your car’s performance for the longest lifespan possible. We’re proud to be the Chantilly area’s leaders in Import auto repairs and maintenance using the latest factory-grade parts.

Quality for the Best Brands

At My Dad’s Automotive we believe quality will always come before quantity. We’ll never rush or cut corners to get your car services faster and we’ll also never settle for less than quality parts for any repairs. Our shop always uses the latest factory-grade & OEM parts to ensure quality, accurate services for all models of:

Call Today to Learn More

If your car is due for repairs or if you’re looking for that hard to find part, the team at My Dad’s Automotive is here to help. Located in Chantilly, we’re the go-to shop for drivers looking for parts from surrounding areas including:

Please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment or to begin browsing our wide selection of available parts for your car.

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